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"an emotional connection between people & things..."

I've spent the last decade researching the building blocks of habits, preferences and user curiosity, which can then translated into experience patterns and collective behaviors. The value of an emotional connection between people and things are titanically important. I believe in building purposeful technologies, uncovering engineering blind spots and leading talented teams. When I'm not working I like to conceptualize what it would be like to design user interfaces for space exploration and study social physics.


Lines of Code Wrote

human-computer engineering

Dialogue transfer between human and computer does not always calculate the results we anticipated. Only research can reveal the engineering blind spots and social behaviours the interface denied the user.

hypothesis testing, questionnaires, think-aloud protocols
scientific instruments are the earliest devices in computer dialogue


Cups of Ice Coffee


The building blocks of habits, preferences and curiosity that are translated into patterns of collective intelligence.

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