Lyndze Blosser Logomark

T = b log2(n + 1)

"People interact with digital products like they are people."

Hello. I'm Lyndze, I specialize in user-centered interactive methodologies, design and development. I began focusing on desired site functionality development, emotional design and human interaction research about a decade ago. Simply because, in reality, people interact with digital products like they are people. George Lucas captured the concept of an emotionally aware human-computer relationship with C–3PO in Star Wars.

When software is neutral, the outcome of a logical understanding in a situation is presented and assigned a value to the outcome. But what if that outcome's value of the user's interaction is consequently damaging? The lack of emotional awareness in neutral software sounds efficient but when in reality the outcome may harm a few thousand users. Needless to say, human-computer functionality has made a big impression on me over the years.